vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Mermaid Catch

mermaid-catch photo mermaid-catch-grijs_zps1be14a50.jpg

De zeemeermin-tube kun je bij mij downloaden.
Scrapkit Mega-Sea van Kubivet (2009). Ik heb 'm ge-upload naar Mijnbestand.nl. Daar kun je hem gedurende 60 dagen downloaden.
Een paar scraps komen ergens anders vandaan (koop-scrapkit Sea Whistle van NLD).
Font Altamonte. Hier te downloaden.

3 opmerkingen:

babykatarina2001 zei

I seem to be always bugging you. Sorry. Can u tell me or share with me the mask for this. Also u seem to have some unique mask can u direct me where to get these?

Thank you

PSP-Filiaal zei

Hello Michelle!
No, you are not bugging me! The fact is I'm lazy and sometimes do not mention the origin of the scraps I use. This time I didn't use a mask for the background, but a water-element from the freebie folder Sea Whistle. I seem to remember that you bought that kit, didn't you? The lighthouse (on the left side) is also from that kit (overlays folder). I changed the colours in PSP 9 (menu Adjust (I believe) > Colourizing. Don't hesitate to contact me again if you don't have these elements. I will get them to you one way or the other.
Bye - Lirios

babykatarina2001 zei

Thank you. I found everything as I did buy that kit. Great tags.